Night Flight

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Engineering the Shot

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Today was the first time I really went back and tried to get a particular shot that I’d been thinking about. A week or so ago I saw this beautiful crane and tried to hurriedly capture the shot I could see. It didn’t quite work but I’ve been itching to come back and try it again.

I also gained my first photography related injury tonight when I walked straight into a metal bollard and bruised my leg quite badly. Too busy looking up at majestic cranes!

I’m starting to try and find my way around the photo editor and Lightroom. Lightroom will take more work for me and it will have to wait until after graduation now, but I’m starting to play about with the photos more afterwards when I have time. I don’t think I’ve got the best out of these yet but i’m loving the learning process of dissecting each shot and trying to get whatever it is I can see in front of me.

I had a play about with a few of the different camera settings this time too, there’s so many on digital cameras it’s taking me a while to really get to know mine. Slowly but surely though!

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Layered Skies

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A Wee Robin Red-Breast

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I think robins are one of my favourite birds, there’s something so happy and serene about them. We used to have a wee one visit us in the family garden when I was a kid; they seem to return to certain gardens and adopt a family which I also like. I was a solitary kid, and they’re solitary birds, so I guess I felt an affinity with them. I saw this little one hopping around on Sunday – first time I’ve seen a robin in ages, it made my day.

A Trip to Edinburgh Zoo

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Having been incredibly patient these last few weeks whilst I write university essays, I decided to pack as much fun as I could into my little monkey’s weekend. So we went on a trip to Edinburgh Zoo! It’s a great family day out; however, it’s built on a very large hill so it involves a lot of walking. Also it’s probably not that suited for those who are differently abled, which is unfortunate. It does have some stunning views of the Edinburgh hills though. The zebras seem to enjoy the best view!

I’m never quite sure how I feel about zoos despite their conservation work. I tried to take photos that were good photos of the animals, but that also reflected their captive status.

The tiger enclosure was a bit small here so I’m hoping it’s due for some further development. The panda breeding program the zoo is part of has had considerable success though, with 200 more pandas in the wild now – the panda’s are definitely the biggest pull here as they’re the only ones in the UK, here on a 10 year loan. They were having a relax when we saw them but there were videos available of them playing around and doing somersaults.

There’s a new dinosaur exhibition on the way, with some special ‘adult only’ night time events coming up – I’m really hoping to make it to one at the end of June.

Edinburgh Zoo doesn’t quite live up to the welfare standards of the fantastic Gerald Durrell Conservation Park I reviewed here, but still worth a visit:

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Beautiful views on the way back from Edinburgh last night.


A Lucky Moment in Time

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I love it when a photograph just catches that moment, and had you looked up either a few minutes before or a few minutes after you’d have missed it. It’s so much down to luck sometime, the luck of having a beautiful day like this, the luck of those two planes crossing their flight paths over in that way at that time, and the luck that I looked up and saw that moment and had my camera out ready to photograph it.