Lessons in Lightroom: Layered Skies

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I’ve finally taken the time to use Lightroom on one of my favourite images. I’m just using a trial version at the moment and so far I’ve found it difficult to navigate my way through the software’s complexities. However, I decided to make the effort to get the best out of this image, as my previous efforts definitely didn’t do it justice.

Love Japan Magazine

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My good friend Emily has started off a fantastic online magazine all stemming from her love of Japan. When we first met it was our mutual obsession with Japan that led to us becoming friends. The first issue has gone down incredibly well and she’s hoping to have the 2nd issue in full print – it’s due in August.

So please have a read of the stylistic and utterly fabulous Love Japan Magazine! I should be a proper contributor to the 2nd issue; I’ve been too busy writing all my final university essays to contribute this time. I’m just doing a lot of creative brainstorming at the moment as to what my first article should be on! I’m feeling extremely excited and privileged to be a part of something so great right from the start.

There is also a Facebook page and Twitter; Emily’s own photography page and of course you can follow everything here on WordPress

If you are knowledgeable about publication and would like to help they are looking for some charitable advice on how to take the magazine forward too, so please get in touch if you are able!

Lighting Kelvingrove

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P1010060 P1010065 P1010067

Night Flight

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P1000956P1000957 P1000958

Engineering the Shot

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Today was the first time I really went back and tried to get a particular shot that I’d been thinking about. A week or so ago I saw this beautiful crane and tried to hurriedly capture the shot I could see. It didn’t quite work but I’ve been itching to come back and try it again.

I also gained my first photography related injury tonight when I walked straight into a metal bollard and bruised my leg quite badly. Too busy looking up at majestic cranes!

I’m starting to try and find my way around the photo editor and Lightroom. Lightroom will take more work for me and it will have to wait until after graduation now, but I’m starting to play about with the photos more afterwards when I have time. I don’t think I’ve got the best out of these yet but i’m loving the learning process of dissecting each shot and trying to get whatever it is I can see in front of me.

I had a play about with a few of the different camera settings this time too, there’s so many on digital cameras it’s taking me a while to really get to know mine. Slowly but surely though!

P1000962 P1000978 P1000996 P1010043

Layered Skies

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