100 years of Japanese women’s hair and makeup trends in less than a minute and a half【Video】

Great video posted by Rocket News. It’s interesting how familiar they seem despite the geographical distance from the UK. So excited to be finally planning a trip to Japan in 2018

The newest installment in the 100 Years of Beauty series shows off some of Japan’s most famous fashions of the last century.

Source: 100 years of Japanese women’s hair and makeup trends in less than a minute and a half【Video】

A Letter for Alan

Beautifully put!


Dearest Mr Rickman,

Today, I woke up with a heart of heavy lead. I didn’t think I would be penning this letter. Not today. Not for many years.

I don’t write letters for everyone, only old friends, people who I look up to and have the upmost respect for, people who taught me invaluable lessons.

And you, you were all those things.

It would seem a lie to say I never knew you, because I did. I knew you as Colonel Brandon, as the Sheriff of Nottingham, as Hans Gruber, as Harry in Love Actually.

But I knew you best as Severus Snape.

Growing up with your Snape was a gift I didn’t recognise until it was all over. Your Snape taught me that people have complex histories, complex moral structures, that people are not all they seem. That love continues beyond all bounds. Always.

I give as much credit…

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Glasgow Street Art: ‘I Want Change’


I recently went back to Glasgow for a catch up with friends; on a night out I walked past this and it really struck a chord with me. At Christmas time I’ve felt so busy and stressed that I suddenly realised I’ve not taken long enough to be thankful for what I have and to think about what an awful reality some are facing whilst I celebrate and enjoy my time with those I love. It’s not to say that doing  is wrong but just that I wanted to give my time if nothing else just thinking about all those others around the world and holding them close as well. I also desperately want change in this world.

Shadow Dancing with the Christmas Fairy


The hardy Scottish palm


Castle Stalker, Scotland

Giggles, dancing and secrets…


My daughter has a lovely wee friend and whenever they’re together I get these great photos of them, that in my opinion really encapsulate what childhood should be about…. lots of giggles, dancing, jumping and whispered secrets.



Fort William – Mallaig, Scotland

Highland Days Out


Fort William – Mallaig, Scotland

Rolling Through Glencoe


Glencoe, Scotland

Blustery Days of Childhood


Uist, Scotland