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Welcome to Backpacks and Babygrows! This site is now most definitely under construction and you will soon be able to access unique and interesting articles to help you travel the world as single parents and families.

My name is Titania and I’m currently travelling the world with my 5 year old daughter. As I was planning this trip many people expressed huge doubts and reservations about whether it was the kind of thing a single parent should be doing. A lot of advice was based around good old fashioned fear and what people believed were genuine concerns I should be taking onboard.

What I really want to do is convince you, as a parent or single parent, that you can absolutely do this. Having children does not need to curtail your wanderlust; in fact it can develop it, evolve it and really add to your experiences as a traveller. I have had unbelievable experiences all over the world now, that I would not have had were it not for my daughter engaging with other travellers in a way I simply never would have done.

Since September 2017 we have travelled on the Transsiberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing and we’ve explored Mongolia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia. In 2018 we have trips to New Zealand, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea booked and many more planned.

So stay tuned. I’m working away behind the scenes writing, researching and developing this site to be an incredible source of information for anyone out there wishing to travel with children.

I also home school (world school, unschool, wild school or however else you may refer to it). In the long term I will be putting together resources that may be of use to others doing this and the site will also give information on where you can visit to inspire your children’s learning and support them in their natural understanding of the world.