Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

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Lenticular cloud formation: rare

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

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I’m a bit behind on the photo challenges so I’m looking forward to catching up.

I caught this fabulous view of The Old Man of Storr when travelling through Skye coming home from the Outer Hebrides. Still one of my favourite shots.

Neglecting my Blog!

Just a very quick apology and a list of excuses really – planning a 1-2 year trip around the world with a 4 year old is taking up a lot more of my time than I thought !! Rest assured things are still on track; I’m currently qualifying myself as a beauty and make up artist in order to further add to my travellers tool box of work skills. I’m trying to add some photography courses in order to develop my travel and portrait photography skill set and all this alongside military level planning, saving every penny I can and generally going through normal day to day life with a toddler.

Unfortunately in amongst that something always gets neglected and for now it’s been the blog…. hoping to rectify that soon by creating an extra 2-3 hours in my day (a 28 hour day would be good right now). My first mission is to finally write my post on taking children to Glastonbury. I’ll allow you to hold me to writing that post this weekend as somehow Glastonbury was already nearly 3 months ago…. where has this year gone?!

Thanks for bearing with me guys – I promise it will all be worth it when we finally get going!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top


My daughter has been obsessed with the planets and in particular Jupiter for a very long time. So when we got to go to London and visit the natural history museum it really was the Cherry On Top to see her meet Jupiter ‘face-to-face’. It was a special moment in an already fabulous trip to our capital as she reached out and touched the picture and just stood there in silence, still for just a few moments (a rarity for her as she’s normally charging around like a maniac).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Details 

I’m a bit late with the Details weekly photo challenge but I really love this picture I took of my first strawberry that had grown in the garden. It looks so new and perfect! And of course the details are fabulous – not bad for an iPhone picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up


Look up to fractured skies

The History Of Abandoned Farms In the Scottish Highlands — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Photographer Rob Clamp is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography. These images are from his project ‘Celtic Exodus And Empty Landscapes‘. To see Rob’s portfolio click on any image. The Scottish Highlands today remain to be one of the least densely populated areas in Europe, but three […]

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